This guide will allow you to visualize the specifications that you will need in order to build/buy your ideal computer.


Choosing the right processor depending on what is your need is the right way to go. In this case you need to consider the use of the computer on what will you be using it for. For Strictly gaming and simple office works, 6 core CPU is more than enough. Such processors like Ryzen 5 3500x or 3600 for AMD or Intel i5 10400 would be a great choice for you.

Graphics Card

Choosing a graphics card is one of the hardest decision you make when building or buying a GPU. But, for the year 2021 for low to mid range, a 5500xt from AMD and 1650 super for Nvidia is good. If you are looking to extend your budget on the mid to high range. The 1660 super – RTX 2060 super from Nvidia and a 5600xt to 5700xt from AMD is the sweet spot for you. If you are considering to go all in to access the High tier on graphics card, The New 3000 series from Nvidia and the 6000 series for AMD is the best choice to go.


Choosing the mother board is tough. For beginners, Its hard to know what to choose. The motherboard is where all of your components is attached. A quick tip for 2021. You should at least settle for A b450 model for AMD and x470 for intel so you can still have a room for upgrades in the future.

Power Supply

Power supply is maybe the one component that is usually being overlooked. Always remember to never cheap out on your power supply. This runs your system.


If you are tight on the budget, for the year of 2021 you should atleast have 8gb of RAM. Applications are getting more demanding for memory use. A tip for your RAM, Please settle for a dual channel by using 2 sticks of RAM that has the same amount of speed for better efficiency of your system.


For the year of 2021, You should at least have 1tb for your files, games, etc. For this year of 2021, SSD is getting cheaper so you should always consider getting one because it’s much faster on HDD. You should at least have an SSD for your Operating System.

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